Destination El Paso

Destination El Paso is organized as the parent of two branded operating divisions:
Visit El Paso and El Paso Live.

Visit El Paso

Visit El Paso is responsible for destination marketing for the City of El Paso and includes Convention Development and Meeting Planning Services; El Paso Film Commission; Tourism Development to include management of two Visitor Information Centers, as well as advertising and media relations.

El Paso Live

El Paso Live is responsible for venue and event management for City of El Paso-owned venues: Judson F. Williams Convention Center, Abraham Chavez Theatre, Plaza Theatre Performing Arts Centre, and McKelligon Canyon Amphitheatre & Pavilion. Each operating division is represented as a brand with its own website and social media presence.


The mission of Destination El Paso is to provide convention, tourism, venue and event management services to visitors, clients and the greater El Paso community so they can enjoy a pleasurable experience that enhances quality of life and generates economic growth.

ASM Global

Destination El Paso is proudly managed by ASM Global, the world’s leading venue management and services company, connecting people through the power of live experience. As the world’s most trusted venue manager, ASM Global has a reach that is unmatched in the industry. Their expertise and experience tailor all the resources they have accumulated to deliver the localized solutions that create the places where communities come together, celebrate and thrive.


Bryan Crowe
Bryan Crowe
General Manager
Brooke Underwood
Brooke Underwood
Assistant General Manager, Visit El Paso
Trudy Sweeten
Trudy Sweeten
Assistant General Manager, El Paso Live
Veronica Castro
Veronica Castro
Director of Tourism
Pat Genera
Pat Genera
Director of Finance
Mauro Monsisvais
Mauro Monsisvais
Director of Operations
Cesar Ramirez
Cesar Ramirez
Director of Events and Facility Sales
Jessica Vivar
Jessica Vivar
Director of Food and Beverage

Greater El Paso Civic, Convention, and Tourism Advisory Board Members

Bernie Olivas
Sun Bowl Association
Expires 9-4-20 (2nd Term)
District 1 – Representative Peter Svarzbein
Kerry Doyle
Gerald Rubin Center for Visual Arts
Expires 7-16-20 (2nd Term)
District 2 – Representative Alexsandra Annello
Katherine Brennand
Expires 8-22-20 (2nd Term)
District 3 – Representative Cassandra Hernandez
Katie Scott
View from the Top Marketing
Expires 6-12-20 (1st Term)
District 4 – Representative Sam Morgan
Rose Lucero
Make a Wish Foundation
Expires 6-12-20 (2nd Term)
District 5 – Representative Isabel Salcido
Gracie Viramontes
Emajj Public Relations & Marketing
Expires 8-01-20 (1st Term)
District 6 – Representative Claudia Ordaz Perez
Patrice Hills
UTEP – College of Business Administration
Expires 9-2-21 (1st Term)
District 7 – Representative Henry Rivera
Ismael Legarreta
Kasca Structures
Expires 8-27-20 (2nd Term)
District 8 – Representative Cissy Lizarraga
Elvira Galvan Galindo
Expires 8-20-20 (2nd Term)